If my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram circles are any indication, people are really overwhelmed about starting a fitness regimen, partly because the word “regimen” is terrifying and also because there is so. much. fitness. stuff. out. there. And yet they keep asking me for advice, accountability, and workout dates. I’d love to! But, like, we don’t all live in the same city, and we’re supposed to be staying the fuck home and washing our hands rn. But I get it. There’s a lot. It’s overwhelming.

A million different streaming services of questionable quality. Intimidating versions of big fancy studio equipment. Boring dumbbells. Terminology that’s hard to understand. Worry about having poor form and injuring yourself. Quarantine cabin fever when you’re a social gym person. Lack of interest in traditional personal training mainstays like powerlifting and crunches. Loss of motivation without accountability. Decision fatigue. There’s a lot of shit to bring you down, especially during covid times.

Personal training may not be for you, but if you feel like you need someone to help you get oriented and motivated for a fitness plan, I can help you! I’m happy to develop a workout plan with you, identify which streaming services and/or home equipment are best for you, figure out how to make fitness work in your budget and lifestyle, check in and hold you accountable, or whatever else you need. Packages are totally customizable; check out options below. Then get in touch! Check my About page for details on my qualifications and specific certifications.

Some caveats: I don’t do diets, weight loss, or nutrition advice at all. I also don’t work with pregnant (past second trimester; nope if you’re high-risk) or immediately post-partum clients (four or more months post-partum only). I will not work with minors under 18. I work with clients with significant injuries or physical limitations (e.g. amputation, scoliosis, post-surgery, etc.) on a case-by-case basis, not because of ableism but because I’m not a medical professional. If you want metrics or measurements to be a part of your plan, we can discuss together what that would look like for you, but I don’t believe in exercise as a way to “earn” food, nor do I think your primary impetus for getting into fitness should be to “fix” the way your body looks.

Consult & Plan Design

45-minute consult (phone, Skype, Google Hangouts) to discuss your goals and needs, followed by a written plan for your workouts, “home gym” design (your home gym can literally be a closet shelf with three items on it; I’m not asking you to buy a treadmill and Smith machine), recommended streaming service subscriptions, etc. Starting @ $80.

Accountability Buddy

Weekly or monthly accountability and challenge sessions. We can do 15- or 30-minute calls (phone, Skype, Google Hangouts) and see where you’re at, what needs to be adjusted, what you might need help with (I can do quick corrections on form or tutorials on equipment usage), etc. You can do this à la carte or as part of your consult and plan design package for an additional charge. Starting @ $15.

Video Workouts

Another à la carte service or package add-on. I’ll do a 45-minute private exercise class with you (you may invite a friend or family member to join if they are in your household) via Skype or Google Hangouts. Format/modality will be decided together as far as your needs, access to equipment, and interests. Starting at $30.

Choose a time for a free 15-minute consult.