I’m proud to be an ambassador or affiliate of these fantastic brands. When you click these links or use these codes, you get a discount and I also receive a small commission. Thanks in advance!

ACTA Activewear
The thing that immediately drew me to ACTA (formerly Kora) was the fact that all of their sales include charity donations. AND you get to choose that charity, so you can be sure that where it goes is somewhere you believe in. They’re transparent about which organizations it is, not just the cause, so you can do your own research to confirm that you like where your purchase is headed. More importantly, their seamless leggings are so comfortable I wear them when I’m not working out and when I am. See for yourself. Code shgmclicious1 will get you 15% off.

The Pilates Wheel
I received a Pilates Wheel DLX as a gift, and it’s my favorite piece of home exercise equipment ever. If you have a little bit of Pilates reformer experience, or if you would like to get some but can’t afford the sticker price, this is a great option. The workouts on Pilates Wheel Digital are by highly qualified Pilates professionals, and of course it’s also fun to play around on your own. Use code SHGM10 for 10% off the COR or DLX.

Fin Fun Mermaids
Swimming is a fantastic full-body workout, and in my experience, feeling like a mermaid is great motivation. With Fin Fun, you can get an extremely well-made monofin for highly efficient, super ab-focused swimming. And if you’re me, you’re also going to get one of their swimmable tails, available in kids and adult sizes. Code SHGMCLICIOUS10 gets you 10% off.

I can talk all day about the problematic elements of this program, and I will sometime, but I can also talk all day about the benefits of it! This method makes a lot of physiological sense to my body, and people (okay, one person, and he’s my boyfriend, but it was unprompted) were noticing the effects of the workout after only like three sessions. If you like precision and detail in your workouts, I think p.volve will appeal to you. The equipment is genius. PLUS there are great student and educator discounts, and that’s not only great for us students and educators, but it says a lot about the company and what they value. for streaming trials and equipment.

Just Strong
Not strong for a girl. Just strong. I love the vibe of this company. A little snarky, a little in your face, all in super comfy fabrics and styles. You get 10% off with code SARHANN10.

Barre Intensity
If you’re interested in getting certified as a barre instructor, I highly recommend Barre Intensity! There are lots of ways to do barre, but I love that they are very concerned with form and anatomy, because there are certain large barre franchises that are all about being cute but not so much about people’s bodies not being broken down. And you can do it online at your own pace! This is my second barre certification; they have options for previously certified instructors from other brands (Barre Intensity Essentials) or for new teachers (full training). Use code SARAHG to get $195 off the training price.