Bookish Girl Fit is where I share all the ways I’ve slowly learned, with steps forward and back, to be a healthier, happier, fitter person – with a long way to go yet. I am no Susie Sunshine, and I always have to balance my introverted, scholarly self with my position as a fitness professional whose job it is to motivate. This blog is the place where I do that.

Bookish Girl Fit is for people who like substance with their fitness. It will always be grounded in intersectional feminism and body acceptance. Something I’ve often found lacking in other fitness and wellness publications is the awareness that not everyone is white, affluent, or abled. Come for the fitness, stay for the nerdiness—or vice versa.

What happens when you click on things on this site: I have affiliate relationships with some stores. Basically, if you click on a link to purchase a book or some other item I write about, you can assume that I am getting a kickback in the form of a tiny percentage of the purchase price. This does not change anything on your end; the price is still the same. You don’t have to click my links, of course, but I have these accounts because graduate school was really expensive, so it would be cool if you did. Please note that my opinions are never anything but 100% honest, and I will make it clear if there is ever a sponsored post.

Contact: bookishfit@shgmclicious.com

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